Federal government current expenditures by function, 1959-2010

- Social spending includes income security (Social Security, welfare, etc.), healthcare, education, housing, and recreation.

- National defense includes military spending and veterans’ benefits.

- General government and debt service includes the executive & legislative branches, tax collection, financial management, and interest payments.

- Economic affairs includes transportation, general economic & labor affairs, agriculture, natural resources, energy, and space. (This excludes spending for infrastructure projects such as new highways, which is not accounted for in this graph.)

- Public order and safety includes police, fire, law courts, and prisons.

- And the sources:

1) “Government Current Expenditures by Function.” U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis. Last revised September 14, 2011.

2) Report: “Fiscal Year 2012 Historical Tables: Budget Of The U.S. Government.” White House Office of Management and Budget.Pages 47-55: “Table 3.1—Outlays by Superfunction and Function: 1940–2016.” Line item: “Veterans Benefits and Services.”

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